Leopard Print Konad

Another quick nail post.....sorry if you don't like these!! But since I got my Konad kit out the other day I decided to do another one, this time I have gone for multi-coloured leopard print Mani. Very bright and in your face but I love it, I'm off to an 80's night at the weekend so wanted to test it out for that.

I used the M57 Konad plate for this with Black Konad polish over a Base of Model's Own Snow White Nail Polish, I find this polish can be quite sheer so would normally wear 3 coats to give full coverage but as I was doing the Konad over the top I only used 2 coats. I then printed over with the konad plate. Once fully dry, I used a mixture of Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Bright Purple, Maybelline Yellow and finally Models Own Bubblegum to fill in the dots to add a bit of colour.

What do you guys think? Like it or too much?


This is how the Konad looks after printing. I tidy up with a cotton wool bud soaked in a little nail varnish.
5 comments on "Leopard Print Konad"
  1. Wow I love these! They look amazing! x

  2. So cute, you put so much work into them!!

  3. i absolutely LOVE THIS!!! i have someone i work with that would just die if she saw this lol

  4. Your nails look great!!