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I picked these little beauties up on a recent trip to Superdrug, I'd been intrigued to try MUA for a little while after hearing all the good things about them and had also been looking for a neutral eyeshadow for a while and as they were only £1 (I am still a bit baffled by this - I think because I normally buy Urban Decay shadows which are most definitely not £1) I picked up the darker brown colour as well as it's my staple eye shadow colour. These were both a bit out of the ordinary for me though as they are both a matte colour and I normally go for a shimmer/glitter but I wanted something a bit more subtle for work because I wear a lot of eyeliner, If I add too much eyeshadow as well it looks like I'm ready for a night out rather than a day at the office.

I've been after a nude eye shadow (Shade 17 - Matt) for a while and this one is exactly what I have been looking for, it's a few shades away from my skin tone so you can tell you're wearing eye shadow but it's not too in your face, it's also really good for blending in other colours so you don't have full on colour, for example, I apply this as a base and will then blend in a more golden shimmer colour along the base of the eye lid so that there is a little hint of shimmer but it's not too much for work. Really love this colour just because it's so simple.

The darker brown eyeshadow (Shade 19 - Matt)  is again a matte colour, which is something I haven't really used before, but at the price MUA sell these at, it's great for experimenting. I have been using this one as more of a definer on my lid using my Ruby and Millie eye liner brush to get as close to the lash line as possible. It looks great blended into the nude shadow as well.

The packaging is simple, black base with a see through flip lid, which is great for picking the colours you want quickly and then the MUA branding on the lid, the branding has worn off on both of mine though. I use both of these shadows over another MUA favourite product - the MUA Eyeshadow Primer - review here - and it lasts a good 8-12 hours without creasing.

Do you use MUA eyeshadows? Which is your favourite?

Soph xx
7 comments on "MUA Eyeshadows"
  1. I really do like MUA - but like you, I am baffled about how it can be so cheap! xx

  2. I love MUA, but I also don't understand how it can be so cheap?! I've reviewed quite a few of their products on my blog if you fancy checking it out?
    Love your blog beauty :) x

  3. MUA eye shadows are one of my favourite brands, if you like their matt eyeshows, you'll love their pearl ones! Super pigmented colour :)

  4. I wish they sold MUA in my local superdrug but for some reason they don't! I'm DESPERATE to find some new neutral matte shades so thanks for posting about this! Maybe I'll do an online shop :D xxx

  5. i love MUA and i use the dark brown matt shade on my eyebrows on occassion and love it on the crease!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. I love MUA eye shadow, and so cheap you could have one in every colour! I have the purple and aqua blue.
    Stace x

  7. Great post! I recently bought some things from MUA and loved them so much that I've made a huge list of things to add to my make up collection :)
    The matte eye shadows you got there are really pretty, I'm looking forward to get mine too.

    ps: I just discovered your blog and already love it!
    I'll be really glad if you check out mine too, an international giveaway is running :)